Sponsorship details for 2019

The sponsorship details are now available.

2019 Sponsorship Letter

CAMRA beer festivals are staffed by volunteers who put in long unpaid hours to ensure the success of the event. There are however many unavoidable costs such as venue hire, security, health and safety, printing, beer, cider and wine etc. which cannot always be covered simply by the sale of beer. Our festival is no exception and in past years we have received generous sponsorship from individuals and organisations locally which has enabled us to make the festival viable. We pride ourselves on being one of the few festivals to offer free admission to the public at all times but in order for us to continue to do this we do need such sponsorship to continue. We also pride ourselves in being one of the main events to take place in Gainsborough annually Our success is down to the volunteers who give up their time to help, the generosity of our sponsors and to all the people who come to enjoy some great entertainment and enjoy some good beer and cider. We would like to continue to do this. We are already therefore seeking promises of sponsorship for 2019. You can sponsor a barrel for as little as £10 and a number of other options at lower and higher levels are available. We will always be pleased to discuss any proposals or arrangements with which you may wish to be involved. We will not ask you for any money until very close to the festival which will this year start on Thursday 10th October. If you would like to be involved directly or indirectly with the festival please come along to our planning meetings which are held at the 8 Jolly Brewers, Gainsborough on the last Wednesday of each month at 8.00pm, please see the Branch Diary. Please contact any of the committee if you need any more information or moc.kooltuo@tsefreeboniag.